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Touring Have a dream to ride a bike across your state, across the country, or around the world? Self-contained or fully supported? Trade ideas, adventures, and more in our bicycle touring forum.

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Long Distance Cyclist
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2014 - Touring Plans = Where Are You Going?

Where are you touring in 2014? Got any exciting plans? Will it be a long tour, short tour, or something in between? Will it be to a place you've been before, or somewhere new? Solo or with others?

And if it is a short tour, don't forget to post a brief ride report in the Short Tours thread.


A reminder of last year's tours:

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I'm starting to plan my first long distance tour: 2000 miles, Spokane to Vancouver, BC and then down to San Francisco. From there I'll take the train to Portland and bike the Columbia River Gorge back towards Spokane. It should be fun!
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Jan 4-5: Overnight camping at Costanoa KOA campground near Pescadero, CA, to do the elephant seal tour at the nearby Ano Nuevo State Beach. Then back to Santa Cruz.

June: I'd like to do one of the naked bike rides, perhaps in San Francisco. Never did it, but have been to a nude beach or two many years ago. It sounds like some outrageous fun.

July: Amtrak with my bike and camping gear to Portland, Oregon, for 4th of July, stay in a hostel, bike around Portland area and camp somewhere, then Amtrack down to Eugene for the Oregon Country Fair and camping adjacent to it for a few days, then Amtrack back to San Jose and bus to Santa Cruz. I probably will go from Portland to McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose airplane and camp near there. I'd also like to stop by the site of the hardware store and bike path in Tigard that were the subject of the landmark Supreme Court case Dolan v. Tigard in 1994 (, which established additional limits on the taking of private property for a public use. In Eugene, I plan to tour the Bike Friday folding-bike factory.

If you'd like to join me in July, let me know by commenting here.
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North Star w/ACA. Missoula to Denali Park. Second time.
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I am waiting for my permanent visa (OCI) for India for persons of Indian origin. I may tour parts of India once I get it.
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Mid March to end of May - Southern Tier Solo (camping)
June - San Juan Islands with wife (inn to inn)
September - San Francisco to San Diego with wife, probably inn to inn as well (she has medication that needs to be refridgerated). May end up doing a hub and spoke type tour and do San Francisco to San Diego in 2015 when her drug trial is over.
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Tandem Tom
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My wife and I start in April from Delaware. We will ride cross country connecting with the Lewis & Clark Route. Then south from Astoria , Oregon to San Francisco.
Can't wait to start!!
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Annual January tour with buds, Vicksburg to NOLA via the Mississippi River Trail. Camping/motels. We'll rent a Uhaul to get back to the start. Looking for no rain/wind and 65F days. Ha!

The bicycle is one of the great inventions of mankind. Delights children, challenges young men to feats of daring, and turns old men into boys again.--Me

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Doing the Western Express/TransAmerica Trail routes from San Francisco back home to Virginia with my roommate, starting in June!
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I am aiming to do a 2-week tour (or thereabouts) tour of Wales. Probably do the Lon Las Cymru and the Celtic Trail. Aiming to do it in August/September due to work being busy the first half of the summer. Also depends on if I can find a Touring Buddy too.
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Old 01-02-14, 11:08 AM   #11
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Plans for early 2014 are 3 months winter biking in Siberia (from Irkutsk to Cherskiy). Will be wrapped up warm and riding over Lake Baikal in 3 weeks' time (assuming it's frozen enough by then). Very excited!
Then, who knows... but probably some short off-road tours back home in the UK.
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June: I'd like to do one of the naked bike rides, perhaps in San Francisco. Never did it, but have been to a nude beach or two many years ago. It sounds like some outrageous fun.

Reminds me of my first tour back in '88 or 89 in Vermont. We checked in to the Shorham Inn to do a foliage tour (it was beautiful). A 6o something year old woman very politly introduced herself, and it kinda creeped us out a bit (we were in our mid 20's). She couldn't get our names straight (John and Don). Anyhow, as we went upstairs to get settled in, we saw 3 black and white pictures of naked bicycle riders, and thought OMG! we are on the wrong tour! Great tour, and still around as I understand it too!
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Easter Weekend: 3-Day somewhere local.
May: 3-Day from Port Jervis, NY to Philly. Camping, maybe no cooking except coffee
September: Youngstown, OH to Philly. Camping and cooking

Couple of local overnights hear and there.

May also go to Italy for day rides from a "cycling camp." Longshot is a repeat of a 9-day Missoula loop I did in '11.
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Deadhorse, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Looking to start Mid timetable on finishing...looking to ride parts of the GDMBR through to Mexico from Banff.

I have been thinking about this since I chickened out in 2010.
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Originally Posted by bicyclehobo View Post
looking to ride parts of the GDMBR through to Mexico from Banff.
The northern setions in May? Hope you have studded tires.
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My bike touring was a total flop in 2013, so I am already making plans for 2014 so that won't happen again. I ended up with two extra weeks of vacation in 2013 (and also for 2014), so it was all the more frustrating that none of my tour plans worked out but life gets in the way some times. My wife's mother was extremely ill and died in September, which made it very difficult to make any plans and involved a lot of trips to visit her. Then I tried to take a late-season trip after her funeral, but was foiled by the US government shutdown and then a prematurely cold and wet autumn.

So I'm taking a more proactive approach this year and have already made plans for several trips:
- Cycle NC Spring Ride in early April. This is a 3-day weekend event based this year out of Oriental, on the NC coast, with loop rides ranging from 40-100 miles each day. I am considering extending the event by riding down to Oriental from Raleigh on my touring bike, which would probably take me 3 extra days.
- C&O Canal and GAP trails from Pittsburgh to Washington DC in early summer. I am planning to ride this with several friends as a credit-card tour, staying in hotels and inns near the trails.
- Outer Banks, NC, loop tour, hopefully in September or October. I had planned to take this trip in 2013, but the government shutdown occurred the week I was planning to go, closing all of the parks and campgrounds on the Outer Banks. By the time the shutdown was over and I was able to reschedule, the weather had turned and it was too windy, cold and rainy for my preferences.
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The plan is to ride from Gainesville, FL, west on the Southern Tier, north on the Underground RailRoad, then west on the TransAmerican to Denver, starting in mid-April. Some with a friend, the rest solo. Camping, motels, warm showers. Not much cooking.
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Doing the Katy Trail in Missouri. 5 days and about 250 miles.
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Planning to ride around Lake Superior this summer. I drove around it 20+ years ago (~1700 mi.) and circumnavigated the lake in 2005 (~1000 mi.) in my sailboat. Now it is time to do it on my bike. Sailing is taking a back seat to biking.
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Old 01-03-14, 08:45 AM   #20
rodar y rodar
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Planning my first ride outside the US with the "back route" from Puerto Vallarta to GDL just before Easter madness sets in.
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Old 01-04-14, 02:10 AM   #21
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Plannin my first tour. From Zagreb Croatia to Rome Italy
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few short tours planned around ireland maybe pop over to the uk for a fellclub bike in the planning hopefully have it sorted before summer, fingers crossed.
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I chase bikes!
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After a couple short tours locally in the spring I fly from Philly to Seattle and stating from there or Sidney I'll tour Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, Gulf Islands, with a side trip to Port Alberni and Pacific Rim Nat. Park, then back to Anacortes, then over the mountains to Twisp WA. Lots of ferries and lots of time to do it. I've set aside July & August so I don't feel I'll have the need to push myself too hard and flexible enough to change my route at any time and spend more or less time any where I like. I'm just waiting for the airlines to post schedules so I can plan more exactly my route.
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I'll probably plan some other tour as well, but right now the new AC off road route in Idaho is the only thing on my touring calendar. I am planning to go in mid June if the snow is out by then, but will delay start if necessary.
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10 Wheels
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Four Old riders..March 01, Houston to El Paso

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[SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)
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