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    Kona commuter bikes, any good for a month long journey?

    In my area Kona may the best brand for the price, and I came across their commuter bikes : KONA BIKES | 2014 BIKES | COMMUTER

    I think they are amazing,really like the minute and the dew with the front rack.... Of course I don't know anything about them. Which ones do you think are the most acceptable for long touring? I can use any of these bikes for commuting and I need for that purpose too, but I don't know what should I choose if I go to long trips. The minute looks tempting, but it's 17,8kg... Also I can add fenders and racks to the Dew or dew plus. Can these bikes go over grass fields or light gravel, unpaved roads? Thanks for the answers in advance.

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    Dew Plus because of the extended gear range. You really don't want to be pushing up steep hills do you?

    Wider the tire, tougher the terrain it'll carry you over. Heavier the tire, less responsive the bike will be. All a compromise.

    Fit is First.
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