(All times are on outdoor track)
Guys, I'm getting a little frustrated here and need a bit of an objective take on my abilities.

The story is that I'm 5 years at the game now, 38 years old and I just can't really find which discipline I sxcel at, so as to concentrate on that particular event. My gains are super slow.

I've been told I don't have the explosive ability to become a sprinter, I can do Flying 200s ok as I basically roll into them. I've gone from 14.8 to 13.5. But, obviously in a match sprint without the jump I just get wasted. My kilo is pretty much the same due to the standing start element (1.19).

So, with this in mind I concentrated on pursuitiing... but I've only gone from 5.48 to 5.35.

Now I know part of this would be technique... aaand I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I'm seeing guys make up 40 seconds in one year so I'm getting really frustrated.

Maybe I'm just not good or got it in me? Here's the kicker, I'm actually pretty strong. In our Team Pursuit I was put in as last man as I was the one with the most kick left at the end and would do almost a full lap pulling at the end with every other guy in the team way ahead of me in IP, 200 and Kilo times...

Why come on the internet? Basically cos I need something objective. Or as objective as possible. Deep down I know I'm not crap, I've gone from 125kg 7 years ago to 83kg and I work really hard at this,I've gone from the lowest Cat to the highest (this is in a league) but psychologically I need a reason to keep plugging away, I'm getting tired of of going the whole way down the list to find my name in the results.

I also know it's difficult to give opinions on this with technique not on show... but I can't convince myself that so much of it is technique.