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    New wheels for next season

    So Iíve been thinking about a new wheelset for next season. I figure I can save all winter and have enough for something really nice. I know I want tubulars and am leaning toward carbon rims (no trispoke). Right now Iím caught between a Zipp 404 wheelset and a Corima Aero wheelset. Does anyone have experience with either or can anyone recommend something of similar quality? Thanks.

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    I asked a similar question on FixedGearFever in the beginners help forum.

    Spectrum provides a good (and opinionated) discussion on rims and wheels here.

    Edward Zimmermann provides a good overview on lightweight tubular wheels here.

    Neither is specific to track wheels, but good reading.

    Since Kissena is an open air track with a bumpy surface, I personally decided on sub 350gm box-sectioned tubular rims laced 28 hole for comfort and lightweight. For the main reason that I am keeping steady at 60Kg.

    Most people who ride the Zipps are well-funded (I guess mostly through sponsorship). Its a lot of change to drop on a set of wheels. I have seen good deals on 404 wheelsets (most recently Don Walker was selling a new pair for ~$1,000 in the sales forum).

    You are bigger and stronger than me, so you should be able to handle the deep section rims better than I in cross winds.

    But, to what benefit and at what cost? Most people have to choose between aerodynamics or lightweight. With the Zipps you get both.

    I think you can have someone build a wheelset that would weigh <1,800gms (including tires) using strong light rims, DT revolution spokes, and D/A hubs for less than $600.

    The Zipps are on average 1,800gms and priced retail at $1,600.

    I think the issues you have to consider are:

    your weight
    how aggressive you are on the bike
    the surface of the track
    the wind and air conditions of the track
    what type of racing you will be doing

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