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Old 05-07-06, 09:41 PM   #1
helmets save
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New bike or buy pieces to update old bike...

So, I am pretty new to the track cycling forum. I have been riding a fixed gear bike for about a year now and I would love to get into racing. There is a velodrome in Atlanta where you have access pretty much any time through out the week for $50.

But the problem comes is that, I have a really old frame and fork from 2000 that is extremely dented and well used. However, the wheel set is pretty new. It is pual hubs with dt swiss RR1.1 hubs. I cant quite decided what to do. I could buy a complete bike, i was thinking bianchi pista concept. Then i would have an set of wheels for track and street. Or i could buy a frame set, nice cranks.

What would you do??
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I see plenty of wicked fast folks on our track riding beat up pistas and langsters. If you've never been on the track, the difference between your pista and a concept would be minute at best. I'd say ride what you've got until a coach or old dude at the track tells you that it's holding you back.
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Old 05-08-06, 12:32 PM   #3
helmets save
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thanks. I will just keep the bike as is. I just need to get different size chainrings and cogs. Because the teeth on the chainring is really worn.
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Old 05-10-06, 12:59 PM   #4
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2000 is really old?? Uhhh not at the track it ain't!

I've seen some truly ancient bikes FLYING around under the right rider. I've also seen some really nice, new bikes going backwards (like mine...) 'cause the rider sux.

Till you start finding that you're not winning races because you feel the frame's holding you back, ride whatcha got. No sense spending big $$ on something you don't know if you'll like or not!

My $.02

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I can't speak about track performace, but if you do get the Pista Concept, you shouldn't have to worry about getting "street" wheels. The Mavic Ellipse are bullet proof. I'm by all accounts a BIG buy and I commuted on those wheels on the streets of Baltimore for 6 months without having to true them once before I sold the bike. The previous owner used that bike as his only transportation for 6 months before I got it. He never had to true them either. The only maintenance we had to do between the two owners was clean and repack the Sugino 75 BB.

Also, there were 3 of us that rode that bike around town.

Good luck with your decision.
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