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    Sizing...They ordered the wrong size

    Edit: Sorry,,Wrong Forum..Should be in Singlespeed...It's early..

    My Local LBS somehow ordered my Fillmore in a 53 instead of 55 which I requested. And the 55's are no longer available. I ride a 55 Lemond as a geared bike and it fits me perfectly. I ordered the Fillmore to fit the same. I know that some folks ride a smaller frame as a fixie and I'm thinking it may work for me. I'm using a straight seatpost and a 100mm 17degree stem on the 55. I think that the setback post would help the toptube length but I'm worried that the shorter headtube will prevent it from working. How does your Fixie sizing compare to your geared bike?

    They are giving me a good deal but a good deal isn't if the bike don't fit. I really like the looks & components of the Fillmore at the price they gave me. If it doesn't work I'll be looking into a milwaukee or Mark V when they get back in.
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