Good, stiff frame? I got some track racing in at Major Taylor and Northbrook over the past three days, won a few races, got into the rhythm of track racing, and I like it. I did all of my races on my coach's loaner bike, a Giant Bowery, just with Sugino 75's and a Zipp rear disc as the notable parts on it, but I want something a little bit more aggressive.
I can get the Giant Omnium frame for $430 at my dealer cost, but I'm also seeing the Fetish Attack on Ebay for $200 or so, so is the Giant worth $200 more or not? I'm running on a shoestring budget but I'll be willing to go broke for something if it's really better.

I'll be taking this bike to track nationals at the end of the month in Colorado Springs and I plan on beating out most of the 17-18 Juniors in whatever is thrown at me.