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How are your cogs and C-rings organized?

How do you guys organize your cogs, chainrings, and tools when you go to the track? Most of the people that I have seen are using the Euro-Asia imports Keirin Tote, but I has wondering if anyone has any other ideas or methods.

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I organize them by keeping them on my bike.

Seriously though, I only use one gearing for the track. For pursuits I might increase the gear inches but they happen so rarely.
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When I go to the track, I carry everything in a big roll-around Eagle Creek duffel bag -- this way I have everything I need in one package, I just dump it in the car and then just roll it to the infield. I never have to collect stuff, and it has a track helmet, track tools, any skinsuits, keirin gloves, my track shoes, etc. Over time I ended up with everything just for track (different track pedals anyway, the clothing is different, etc., so it isn't that much of a hassle or cost).

I got a couple of the Eagle Creek plastic-lined mesh bags at REI for about $6 apiece. One is big enough to hold the chainrings, which each have their own Ziploc freezer bag so chain lube doesn't get all over, plus the bag has a couple dish towels that I use to clean the rings off when I have time. There's a small mesh bag I stick inside with all the cogs. I keep my prime set of cogs in that kit, plus I have a pocket on the top of the duffel where I keep a bag of safety pins, a few pens, 3M spray, folding allen keys, a multi-tip screwdriver, a handful of zipties, and the other stuff I tend to need at a race and that other riders tend to want to borrow. There I have a few extra cogs left over from some old wheels that are available for loan. Most riders know that they can raid that top pocket if they need something quickly during a race.

This setup works well, keeps everything clean, and I can roll the duffel in one hand, even with a pair of wheels or rollers strapped on, and hold the bike on my shoulder with another pair of wheels or a folding chair in the other hand. Not enough hands to carry the cooler full of beer, but the system is almost perfect.
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The EAI keirin tote is handy but also very undersized. I find when I show up to a race I wind up leaving some stuff in my gym bag because once you fill the thing with 6 chainrings, a bunch of sprokets, a couple wrenches and a chain whip its pretty jammed. The best way ive seen it done may still be the oldest way. Get a thick shoe bag and use that for everything.
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F.Y.I......World Class has the Sugino tote back in stock (I ordered one today...). I believe it's quite a bit cheaper than the above mentioned EAI tote, at only $40.00.... Haven't received it in the mail yet, though, so I can't vouch for it's quality....
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Old 10-22-07, 02:30 PM   #6
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Hey, resurrecting this thread to see if anyone has experience with this bag:

The EAI tote looks great, and the Sugino looks pretty good, but $40 is still pretty rich for my blood. Before I sew one myself, is this one worth getting?
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I use a milk crate
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Originally Posted by JEmbler View Post
How do you guys organize your cogs, chainrings, and tools when you go to the track? Most of the people that I have seen are using the Euro-Asia imports Keirin Tote, but I has wondering if anyone has any other ideas or methods.

I kept all the greasy stuff in a portable 3 drawer toolbox--rings in one drawer, tools and cogs in another, crucial racing stuff in the third (spare cleats, shoelaces, programs). Clothing went in another bag, away from the greasy stuff. My sponsor may have been a fictional entity, but it was important that I represented it well. I carried so much $#!+ from the car to the infield every Friday night but if I didn't, that would be the night that I actually needed it.

I never did anything to the bike at the track other than pump up the tires. I had a VW Bus, so the front wheel stayed on. There was maybe once that I should have changed the gear (district points race, with a whole buncha visiting Canadians forcing the pace well past 30 mph for a 20K race) in eight years of racing. Knowing the race program and your own strengths saves a lot of looking around in the grass for your f$%^& chainring bolts (you will drop one).

Hope this helps

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I keep everything in a messenger bag.
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