ZIPP 404 Track Wheelset

In great condition. Ready to Race !
Including Tufo S3 Lite tires.

$ 1000 / Set.

From the Zipp Website
We understand the subtle and important nuances of track competition and have developed a rim with a very specific laminate ONLY for velodrome competition. Track competitors, particularly sprinters, are looking for lateral stiffness and wheels with a predictably quick reaction to steering and power input. To accomplish this we have reinvented our laminate structure to create the personality a track rider needs in a wheel. The rims are specifically designed for the higher frequency lower amplitude surface imperfections specific to track surfaces, thus helping keep the tires planted on the track even under extreme accelerations. The laminate is track specific, but the rim shape remains typical aircraft grade Zipp, resulting in higher overall performance than previous designs.
Tubular: 938g front, 1054g rear

Contact: 310 663-5689