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    36H DA7600 Hi flange Araya gold strongest spoke pattern?

    Hi all,
    I've luckily acquired a NOS unlaced pair of 36H Dura ace hi flange hubs with new araya gold tubulars to boot! Question is, what is the strongest spoke pattern for this wheelset? I will mainly be using the wheelset for track only, since I already have phils/cxp-30's for daily street riding/commuting. Although I am average weight (i think) 165-70 Lbs. I would like to ride the tubulars on the road once in a while. Keep in mind that I am a smooth rider i.e. no bunny hopping, skid stopping, mashing, etc. Even though I love that type of no holds-barred riding! Its just not my style... So back to the task at hand, what would be the strongest lacing pattern to withstand occasional outdoor road riding? I've read elsewhere from the infamous '11.4' that he uses araya golds' for training on the track and that they are kind of weak when he pounded them with his fist to unmount the rim from sticky dropouts. What are your opinions? 3x? 4x? 3x/radial(rear)? radial(front)???
    Thanks in advance,
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