WOW!!! Took an Intro to Track day at Forest City in London, ON, the world's shortest track @ 138m (indoor). I'm a retired messneger type, Traffic Jammin' is my game, so I'm pretty comfortable on a bike dicing it up nice and close and fast. We were only allowed to go the minimum speed to stick to the 50degree bank, (30kph) which was cool. Having the senior riders hurtling above us as we rode the lower portion of the track was insane, then the instructor would zip below us. DAMN what a great time!!!!!!! For me the best was when our instructor had us following him as he was diving down the banks from the top to the bottom of the bank, so much fun throwin' myself into the bank. (I'm also an old vert skater so riding/trusting the wall and transition weren't completely alien.

We were talking in the car on the way home and trying to figure out how insane it must be to actually race on the track. We were all suitibly humbled. As we were leaving the Track Kids and Teens were coming to play, talk about being schooled. I'm anxious to go back, and I think will make the journey for the races on Jan 18-19. Who else has ridden this track? What's racing full tilt on it like?