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    Lightweight Disc

    I have a lightweight, from Carbon Sports, disc with a Shimano road set up.

    The wheel can be converted to Campy by replacing with a Campy compatible hub.

    The wheel can also be bought with a track hub.

    The Australian distributor has told me that this disc cannot be converted to track.

    Question: What forbids the conversion from road hub to track if the three hubs exist (Shimano, Campy & track) for the same wheel?

    Any help appreciated.


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    maybe the conversion from shimano to campagnolo isn't a hub replacement, but rather, just a matter of replacing the splined interface of the freehub. but the distributor or manufacturer would probably be better suited to answer that.

    you could try using the Surly Singleator, but I don't know how that works or what it needs to work.
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