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Old 11-12-08, 07:44 AM   #1
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New track frame

With track season upon us, it's time for a decision: I need a new track frame and after doing a bit of research I seem to have narrowed it down to; Dolan df3, Dolan ARC(teschner track pro), Tiemeyer signature, planet x(nice looking bike sans decals but question quality), Karbona (hillbrick, track nut).
I realise there is a considerable range in quality/price, right now I am edging towards to df3. I ride mostly endurance track and will get the frame custom painted (so current colours, stickers aren't a concern), Any thoughts, opinions, alternative options would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Old 11-13-08, 04:31 PM   #2
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really come down to your budget which you haven't mentioned.

for me in australia, no budget = BT

unfortunately the reality is BT = divorce

there are plenty of good choices, the teschners are probably a better all round bike. the karbona frames set up great for TT or sprint, not so great for endurance, which is ironic, cause i'm an enduro rider and just bought one yesterday (hillbrick).

if you want to really trick out, I've seen Michelle Ferris riding a sweet titanium Baum. it's probably one of the best looking track frames i've ever seen, though i wouldn't expect much change from 5K for a frame and fork.
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the hillbrick!!!! pics!! now.
im so so so close to one of those right now.

but back on topic, go the arc. i think the df3 is hideous in comparison but lets not forget that this is about performance aswell.
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Old 11-13-08, 08:42 PM   #4
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the hillbrick i only got frame/forks and as it was only yesterday haven't built it yet. actually i'm still waiting on a couple of parts to complete the build (twe track cranks as an example). i'll take pics once the build is complete. if you are really desperate pm me and i'll take some over the weekend and send them to you.

when the hillbricks first came out they were nude carbon with horrible yellow stickering. a mate worked at hillbrick, and i said to him i was interested but not in the current finish. he said "oh we are doing a new paint job on the next batch, wait for one of them". which i did. when they come out, the graphics design was ok but about 1,000 people bought them all at once, and i figured "do i really want the same finish on my bike as every other man and his dog?". i asked if they'd order me a nude one that i could go and arrange an airbrush finish on from: no problem.

so i go out to get it yesterday and paul hillbrick says "sorry mate, it was supposed to be nude, but it's got some stickers and clear coat on it" ... sure enough the horrible yellow stickers of the first finish with clear coat over it. grrr

so looks like i'll be refinishing the whole thing before taking it to the airbrush guy. what a production!
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