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    So I've been riding a fixed conversion that is too small for about a year and a half and wanted to switch over to a track frame that's my size. I'm 6'4" and have been having trouble finding a bike that is right for me. My friends say i should get some 60cm and up frame in steel. However I've read that the larger steel frames have alot of flex in them and i want something rigid. So now I've been looking at aluminum frames but i don't really know what to look for. I just need some guidance in the right direction on which frame size and a list of possible frames that would fit. My price range for the frame is $900 - $1000. Also this is kinda lame but my dream bike is the Cinelli Vigorelli and i know they only run up to 58cm but is there any way that i might fit on one of those?

    my sizing on Competitive Cyclist:

    Inseam: 35"
    Lower Leg:24"
    Sternal Notch: 61"
    Total Height: 74"

    Seat tube range c-c: 57.6 - 58.1
    Seat tube range c-t: 59.4 - 59.9
    Top tube length: 59.8 - 60.2
    Stem Length: 12.7 - 13.3
    BB-Saddle Position: 80.3 - 82.3
    Saddle-Handlebar: 60.3 - 60.9
    Saddle Setback: 6.3 - 6.7

    Sorry if this was already asked a thousand times before but i couldn't find the answer i was looking for.


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    Your best bet is to find a good local bike fitter and have them look at you on a bike or three. It's hard to do from just body dimensions because it also depends a lot on flexibility and riding style.
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    Stop listening to your friends and consult your LBS.
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