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    Masi Coltello get a 51 or a 53

    ok so i was at my lbs getting ready to order my track frame, a Masi Coltello. i had the frame size in mind that i wanted but they were suggesting another so i wanted a second opinion. im going off my road bike for sizing and it has the geo as follows
    HT angle 73
    ST angle 74.5
    effective TT horizontal 53
    ST c-t-c 52
    HT length 130 and i ride with the stem slammed/no spacers
    i ride with a zero offest seatpost with the seat centered in the clamp and a 120 stem. this fits me perfect!! im 5'8" and have short legs and a longer torso

    the masi has the geo as follows
    HT angle 74
    ST angle 75.5
    effective TT horizontal 52.5
    ST c-t-c 51
    HT length 110

    HT angle 74
    ST angle 75
    effective TT horizontal 53.5
    ST c-t-c 53
    HT length 120

    from what i have been reading on track geo im leaning toward the 51 being that it will be more in line with sizing off a road bike and using that for a track bike as well as on the road for sprint training for crit's. but i dont know so thats why im asking.

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    I'm not an expert on track by any means, but I like that my track bike is a bit smaller lengthwise than my road bike. I put a long stem and track bars (long reach) on the bike but will be reverting to something more normal for this year.

    Track bars are so much longer/deeper that they make up for a good amount of TT length.

    fyi I ride a 52 Cdale, 53.5 TT, 11? cm headtube, 13 cm flat/73 stem, no spacers. I'm 5'7", short legs, long torso.

    My track bike has a 52 TT, I'll be putting a 14 flat stem (not track) and probably 41cm crit bars (same as road bike). If I can find a shorter stem I'll use it, maybe a 12. Right now, with a 14 track stem and 39 track bars, the seat-bar reach is 5 cm longer on the track bike. I hope to reduce it so it'll be about the same between bikes.


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    yes, go with the 51. it's easier to build larger rather than building the 53 smaller. also you'll have less flex and it'll be slightly lighter.

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