so, i'm gonna get my first track/fixie. i've decided to buy instead of build so i can start riding and upgrade as i go. after looking at a ton of options, i'm thinking about getting the KHS flite 100. the geometry looks nice and steep and tight.

I'm not sure about what size frame to get though. I am about 6'2" with a 33.5-34 inseam. that said, i'm not sure whether to get the 55 cm (58.5 cm s/t c-t, 56 cm t/t c-c) or the 57 cm (60.5 cm s/t, 57.5 cm tt).

I don't plan on actually riding in a velodrome yet, mostly just zippin the city streets and doing tricks. so, i want it to be nimble and light. I'm debating about getting the 55 and raising the seat which will lengthen the top tube feel to keep weight down a bit. i don't want to be uncomfortable though. i don't have much experience with riding track geometries, but i've heard to size down 1 or 2 sizes.

any recommendations? and thoughts on the flite 100 in general? i've heard they were once the same as the kilo tt, but the geometry for 2009 looks different. is this bike a better value than the tt for the extra $200?