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    Thinking about hiring a personal trainer.

    So Im thinking about hiring a personal trainer, or at least hiring someone to help me plan a workout routine to help me get in shape for track season and overall fitness. I know Im a bit late on the boat for this years track season, but I figure I can train, flounder in Cat5 for this season (my first season fyi), and then be that much more prepared next season.

    The main question I have is would a trainer at a local gym know anything about training for Velodrome racing or cycling in general? Or should I just read up on cycling material about working out and go to the gym without a trainer?

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    I read a lot about fitness and general cycling fitness before I went to the track this season (also my first). I talked to the veterans out there about leg presses, single leg drills, and they all said, "The best program you can do right now is get on the bike and ride. It's as simple as that."

    My suggestion would be to save cash that you would spend on a trainer and make sure that you have proper bicycle equipment and some good supplements to aid before, during, and after races.

    I'm generally on the track training or racing 3-4 days a week and hit the gym 1 or 2 times a week (just to keep my arms and chest in line with my legs a bit). But, honestly pushups and some dumbbells at the house would probably do about the same because I'm getting a leg workout and cardio on the bike.

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