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    Hub bearing replacement (AC 420)

    I'm probably going to pick up a lightly used American Classic 420 24/20h bladed wheelset for pretty cheap. They're said to be pulloffs from a Jamis Sonik, ridden a hundred or so miles until the rear hub got stiff/crunchy. I've read some internet testimony discussing the rear hubs as a common issue so I want to see about replacing the bearings.

    What sort of hubs/bearings are on these?

    Awhile back I located some Devlin* (?) bearings that are supposed to be a good replacement for velocity hubs but I no longer have the link (or even the right name, I don't think).

    I'm building a sort of training bike with Omniums on an IRO frame to see whether I want to ride track, and just to mash around on. If I'm looking at the wrong set entirely and someone knows a $200-250 alternative, I'll take that help also.
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    no way a properly installed/ridden wheels of 100mi should be crunchy or stiff. be very wary.

    if you can remove the dust seals &/or locknuts there is a number printed on the seal of the sealed bearings. that number is all you should need to know to order by phone to your knowledgeable LBS, bearing supplier or even internets.

    if you can't find the number yourself, your LBS (with the wheel in front of them) should be able to determine this, unless they hate you, they should be able to *tell* you what bearing and the price for free (width, id, od) and order it for you. if you do all your shopping by internet, let the net be your guide, foo.

    or, if you don't have the wheels in front of you, you're probably SOL.

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