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    Good solo drills?

    I want to spend some off season time getting more accustomed to riding on the track, what are some good solo drills so I'm not just (literally) riding around in circles.
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    You can check out this thread, with the caveats at the end:
    Track Sprint Training

    The last post in this one has some things you can try.
    Track training for criterium riders

    I think that if I had time on the track, I'd be doing starts (1 lap, standing start), flying laps (2 or more), maybe higher pace 1 k efforts (i.e. 1k effort based on training for 3-4k pursuit). And of course trying flying 200s.

    A track pro once said that practicing madison exchanges would be a great way to do intervals. 20 exchanges means 10 intervals, with a set 1.5 -2 lap rest period. If you can find one person to join you, that would be great.

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    One night, we got to Kissena but the track was too wet to race on and the officials went to get pizza. Well, the track dried off 45 minutes later and we did some drills. One buddy of mine suggested we do the following format of sprint intervals. Two riders, one sprinting for one lap, leading out the other who would sprint on the second lap. One lap cool down to reconnect, then switch roles. A handful of these made me want to vomit.

    You could do one lap on, one lap off intervals alone by yourself.

    You can work on Flying 200s, kilos (and your standing start), alone.

    Head out on the weekends and hang out and talk to the guys who are there all weekend long. Doubtless they'll have some good input for you.
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