A friend of mine was recently gifted a Benotto track frame, and since I am his "cycling friend" he asked me to value it for him. He wants to sell it so he can buy a plane ticket to see his family. The only problem is, I can't seem to find anything out about this frame.

Here's what I know

It's a red "11 Volte" (I assume that is the model name) It appears to have been manufactured sometime in the last couple years. The frame is aluminum.

There are no other identifying markings, just some strangely cheapening phrases like "italian technology" printed on the stays and top tube, and the benotto logo in large typeface on the downtube. On the underside of the downtube, "www.benotto.com" is printed.

It appears to have never been used, the fork is uncut and the dropouts are still stuffed with plastic.

I can provide the serial # if that would help. Any info on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!