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    Project Time: Adding Clips to my Clipless.

    Project time!

    Using a old steel pair of clips, I cut the loop off and drilled a small hole in the metal. I then took the remaining part of the clip and dremeled it into a plate. I used a locking nut, washer, and flat head machine screw (6-32) to hold the clip to the bottom of the pedal.

    And now...PICTURES!!

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    Sweet! I made some that look remarkably like this.

    BTW, you can also get double-straps to fit into that setup, too.

    - Spin the plate 180 degrees
    - Route the front strap through the eyelet.
    - Pinch the back strap between the metal plate and the plastic part of the pedal.
    - In this position, if the end of the plate that is now (after spinning it 180 degrees) long enough to stick out of the back of the pedal maybe 5mm or so, you can use this as a kick tab to spin the pedal over with your foot for easy entry. But, it's hard to tell from the photo if you the current metal plate is cut too short or not.
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