From the ad:
This Griffen Track bike includes the red 52cm Track Frame made of Boron Carbide MMC, 700c track wheels, Campagnolo Brevetti Hubs, a matching Griffen Reynolds fork, Truvatic XR Stem and Handlebars, Reynolds Ouzu Headset, Shimano Dura Ace Crank Arms (170), Italia Selle seat (slightly worn) and a Thompson seat post. This frame is perfect for anyone 5'8 to 5'10 who is racing and/or training on the Velodrome. The only thing this package does not include are pedals and track tires. The bike frame has never gone down in a crash and is in great condition. The photo below shows the full bike with a front chainring and rear cog attached. I am also including the following set of chainrings and cogs:
50 Shimano Dura Ace
49 Shimano Dura Ace
49 Brev Campagnolo
48 Shimano Dura Ace (Shown attached to bike in picture)
47 Shimano Dura Ace
47 Patent Campagnolo
46 Shimano Dura Ace

Rear Cogs
Two 17T Rear Cogs
16T Dura Ace Shimano
15T Dura Ace Shimano (Shown attached to the bike in picture)
14T Dura Ace Shimano

Can anyone give me an idea on value? The frame is too small for me but with that array of stuff, I think it might be worth it just for parts alone at $350..