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    zipp 950 disc conversion to 900

    hi everyone

    i just bought a disc yesterday , its an late model zipp 950 i think its a 99, or 2000 , the disc was sent out to zipp to have the hub switched out to the 900 hub. As you may know the carbon pattern is the same as the 900 disc also , anyways i want it to look the
    the 900 with the 3 zipp decals around the edge but my disc still has the rectangular zipp decal on it and i want to get it off, it seams theres a layer of sealant over the decal.
    any ideas on how to get it off or am i stuck with that decal? i dont want to ruin the disc.

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    You cannot remove the decals without damaging the wheel. You will have to put the new stickers on top.

    If your decals are adhesive and not molded in, you can use a hair dryer to soften the glue, grab a corner and gently pull off, scrape the remainder off with your fingernails or a blunt popsicle stick, clean well with acetone or white spirits, allow to evaporate and apply the new decals. If the original decals are molded in, (use the thumbnail test to feel for an edge) you will have to purchase a set of decals and apply them over the top. Molded in decals cannot be removed without structural damage to the rim.
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