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    Hey, its all relative (to a lot of things). personally, i wouldn't consider that (very beautiful) Marinoni as a starter bike by any means. But afterall, i come from the 3rd world.

    Check out the other new-bike threads on the forum - you'll get a lot of useful input. But my 2c if you've not yet specialized in a specific discipline on the track - does the bike fit comfortably and feel good to ride? does it meet your aesthetic and budget constraints?

    for more specific input, you'll need to wait to hear from the other guys on this list.
    happy shopping

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRaffic Jammer View Post
    If I can I'd like to buy Canadian if possible
    Considering Cervelo T1, Bianchi Super Pista (ridden this brand off and on for 30 years
    Not locked in to alum vs carbon. I know this seems somewhat all over the place, but I'm looking for a frame I can grow into as a track racer, not looking to get a 'starter' frame that I'll be frustrated with in a year.

    Any and all feedback is welcome.
    You're from TO - get the T1. It's about as good as alu frames get, and the geometry was raced extensively in the WCs recently. The dual position seatpost is a nice plus too. It also has a larger HT than most, for a more relaxed position. The P Star is nice, but wait until you're a seriously competitive racer before you drop that kind of $$.

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