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    Which Wheels to Keep?

    Hi, I am building up a new track bike and I am going to sell the old one. I have two (2) different sets of clincher wheels. (It's a long story why.) Both are something like 2009 model year wheels and I only use clinchers for training: Mavic Ellipse and Reynolds Recon. I've been using the Reynolds wheels exclusively for the past 2 years. Not necessarily because they feel better, but because I assumed they were more aerodynamic. Yes, this is an irrational reason when I only use them for training.

    Any "logical" thoughts on which wheels should be the keepers for training? I weigh 150 lbs right now (if that makes any difference) but that varies a lot more than I like over the course of the year. TIA for any thoughts.
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    No ebay listings right now, but I would imagine that the Recons would fetch a higher resale price. I would sell them for that reason alone.
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    They are both nice.

    For what it's worth, I've always been a fan of the Mavic Ellipse as a daily training and weekly racing wheelset. I've used Conti Supersonics and pumped them up to 140PSI on Ellipse for a great setup. From my armchair-physicist point of view, they are pretty aero for training wheels. You'd have to get wheels like the Zipp 404 to get more aero. They aren't light, though.

    The Reynolds are probably lighter than the Mavics. I haven't seen much need for carbon clincher training wheels on the track. Plus, I'd imagine that the max tire pressure isn't that high on them.

    Maybe keep the Mavics, sell the Reynolds, take the funds from the sale and use that towards a race wheelset or other gear you may want/need.
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