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    New Track website:

    This was posted on Classic Rendezvous
    concerning the Vigorelli in Milano.

    Nice site in Italian only for now (altavista can translate)
    sounds like an english version is on the way.

    we want to signal to you the recent launch of a new website:

    as we think it could be of some interest to you.
    It is the first Internet resource entirely dedicated to the glorious
    Vigorelli Velodrome in Milan, Italy, for many years the best cycle
    track in the world and now closed and abandoned.

    We're a group of Italian people in love with track bikes and
    fixed gear riding.
    Track cycling and traditional framebuilding have now few
    fans in Italy as the market is going towards other directions,
    but we're going against the mainstream.
    You can check our site at

    We intend the Vigorelli website as the first step in bringing back
    the attention to this important historical monument. We want the
    site to grow constantly and other initiatives in this direction will
    soon follow.

    Our dream is to see the 'pista magica' renewed and open again
    to cycling competitions. Now the future of the velodrome is
    extremely uncertain. But even if one day somebody will decide
    to destroy it, at least we have created something to preserve
    its memory.

    The site is only in italian for the moment, but we hope you will
    enjoy it be so kind to forward the link to any interested people.

    Thank you for your attention and regards from Italy,
    Name witheld by me (lotek).
    The 2nd link is more ss/fixie specific (non track) and has
    english version.

    Sono pił lento di quel che sembra.
    Odio la gente, tutti.

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    Cool. I love the idea of running a tri brake with a cyclobrake on that Colnago in the converted section.
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    south side, you got a problem with that?
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    now that's a big velodrome

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