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    First Century Training/Thoughts.

    From a note sent to a friend of mine this morning:

    Preparing for Crusing the Conejo, my first Century. 6000' of climbing, enough to challenge "the hardiest of riders." Great.

    Uggg. Plugged up with a head cold, one that Vicki and I have been suffering from together for the past couple of days. Between the two of us, we sound like a couple of people dying at times....sneeze! Hrumph! Thankfully, Hillary [our 10 year old] had about one day of this and recovered quickly. Not so for us yet.

    Despite the cold, I rode both Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 25 miles. Saturday was worse as I had no energy, was head fuzzed and stopped twice wondering what the "F" I was doing out there. But my nose cleared briefly!

    The last three weeks, I've ridden 60, 103 and 85 miles. Five days last week. Over 600 miles since Feb 1. Yet my longest solo ride in this campaign has only been 50 miles..It's not enough! The book says do more! Unfortunately, I can only do an hour at lunch times. I try to crank up the intensity on these rides per Chris's instructions and Machka's website. At least having done the metric last summer, I know I can make it to 62 miles.

    Each turn of the crank, I keep telling myself, will make me stronger and help to carry me through the Century, just a few weeks away. There are massive climbs in the first 50 miles and I'm afraid I'll burn out early. Right now just getting on the bike feels like a job...such is life when you are training.

    I have an invitation to ride with some guys I know early Sat and Sun mornings. Haven't been able to do so yet but probably will shortly. These guys are hardcore enough that rather than drive to start the Century, they are riding there! I'm gonna get dropped like a hot potato.

    At times, the goal feels unreachable. 101 miles. Seven + hours of seat time. My big hope is that having ridden solo for so many miles, the crowd will carry me at times and make the miles melt away. I've tried to ride as many pieces of the route as possible, as it is all in our local area. Being familiar with the hills, at least I'll have an idea where the top is!

    I keep re-assessing food on board, how much Sustained Energy to bring, bars, figs, etc. I know the rest stops will have food as well. Still haven't tried the Endurolytes.

    I go through bike clothes like crazy. At any given moment, there are several jerseys and shorts hanging in the bathroom drying. No time to put them in the washer so I do them in the shower each day. All of my white socks have grease on them...I have a semi-permanent chain tatoo on my right leg.

    The left cleat sounds a bit funky. Do I replace it? I need something to keep the sweat out of my face...back to the LBS. More $$ to spend.

    Which brings me to the final thought of the day: WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO DO THIS RIDE?????

    Send encouraging words...I'm dying here!

    [insert clever quote here]

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    It sounds as though you have the ability, but your confidence is flagging a wee bit. Just take your time and eat enough. In addition to training, another reason you do those long rides is to convince yourself that you can do it.

    I'll be doing my first century(ies) this summer. I'm not sure I'd pick one with 6K ft of climbing to start, but the worst that can happen is that it will take you a long time and you might have to trudge up a few hills.

    You will feel a lot better when the cold goes away. I just got over one and did 30 miles on both Sat and Sun, and I felt really good (okay - so that long steep hill got me huffing and puffing) not long after coming out of hibernation here in the northeast. I'm psyched!

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