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    one of my pet peeves is people who post new topics without checking through old ones. that said, here i go, since i've read over ton's of stuff here, already...

    i am training for AIDS/LifeCycle at the beginning of June. i am currently riding about 150 miles per week on a hybrid, and have been slowly adding distance for about 2 months. i have had no problems until recently. about 10 days ago, i felt some discomfort in my right knee. though i had previously read everything i could about bike fit (and adjusted accordingly at the start of my training,) i thoroughly researched knee pain, specifically, in regard to fit. i thought it might be a saddle hight issue, so i raised my seat 1/4 inch, then another 1/4 inch a few rides later. i realize that different types of pain have different remedies, but i'm having trouble identifying what type of pain i'm having (which is worse at times, and sometimes non-existent.)

    the pain seems to come around after i hit the hills (or push gears,) and then sticks around through flats afterward. continuing to spin at a higher cadance on flats seems to alleviate it a bit, but any coasting just makes it stiff and more painful. it comes and goes on a single ride (typically 50 miles or so,) and sometimes sticks with me after the ride... sometimes not. i can't really tell of it's front, back, lateral or what. maybe back or lateral, if anything. when cycling, it doesn't hurt on the downstroke, but through the upstroke, whether i'm pulling or not. when walking (after,) it does not hurt unless i'm walking DOWN stairs, but can feel stiff at all times.

    my seat is high enough that i can raise up only slightly if i fully extend my legs, but not so high that my hips are rocking. i do not point my toes (except slightly on the upstroke,) nor do my heels go down. since i'm on a hybrid, i am pretty upright, but still end up curling back on my seat a little to avoid "chode numbness." my knees neither bow out or in... my form from the waist down seems pretty good, from what i've read. i typically stay in my saddle whether i'm climbing or not, and i can push (downstroke) hard even when i'm in the midst of the pain.

    i have no time for an injury, and do not intend to spend the majority of the 585-mile ride i'm training so hard for on the sweep busses. thanks, in advance, for your help and advice!!!
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    If you're using clipless pedals it's possible that they don't have enough float for you. This is an issue that can be a big problem for some, while others - my wife for example - are not bothered at all.

    Last year I tried Shimano road pedals, and I started having knee pain on every ride at about the 85 km mark. Several times I had to call for a pick up because I found my self too far from home and unable to keep riding.

    After switching to Speedplay pedals, which have tons of float, my knee problems went away in 1-2 weeks. I was able to start doing longer rides, and the knee pain has not returned.
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