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    Opinions on cycleops indoor bike?

    Unfortunately, I do a lot of my training indoors to fit into my lifestyle.

    Currently, I have my road bike hooked up to a trainer. However, I am considering an actual exercise bike.

    I like the idea of the indoor bike because of its adjustability. Anyone have any experience using this trainer?

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    No experience, but I've played around with it. I think it's a nifty bike. Still, it's an expensive acquisition. I can't remember exactly, but for that price, you can outfit your bike with the powertaps SL and stick with your trainer and still have money left over.

    If you're not looking for the power option with your indoor training bike, it may be a bit much, though. You can get a good quality RevMaster from LeMond fitness for about 900 bucks, and you can also get a good quality StarTrac from StarTrac for 750 bucks with shipping included. The main thing is that with the LeMond, you can upgrade their RevMaster by adding on the Pilot computer, which will give you speed, heart rate (you'll need a strap), calories burned, and cadence. In all cases, you can check the average, instant or total amount for calories, cadence and speed, and the speed also gives you km per hour or miles per hour. I'd choose the LeMond over the StarTrac if you're looking for more than just spinning out the legs. If you want the power, though, then definitely upgrade to the cycleops indoor bike with the power option, although at that point, I'd persuade you to get the powertaps SL for your bike.


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