So I was in a race this weekend. I was on the bike for 55 min and pushed myself the whole time. My average heart rate was 156, max heart rate reached was 171. Coming from a running background where tempo runs and intervals are used a lot I was wondering if I would be able to get anything useful from this race that I could use to help improve my speed on the bike. I think the time might be a little long for me to get a good reading on LT but someone with a little more experience than myself might be able to extrapolate something useful from it. I have not got a lot of miles under my belt(300 road and maybe 900 on trainer) but I have have been disapointed with my progress so far. Unfortunately I don't get on the road as much as I would like because I have a young son and try to help my wife out in the evenings when I get off from work. So I end up getting on the trainer after he goes to bed for the night and leave the road for the weekend. About the only thing I can tell is that my avg speed has picked up maybe 1 mph since this spring when I started and my legs rarely feel tired after a ride anymore, surprisingly my running speed has increased even though I am running less these days. I usually try to get about 1 hr 3 times a week on the trainer and my avg heart rate usually ends up being in the low 130's for these workouts. I generally try to keep my cadence in the mid to upper 90's when I'm on the trainer but it seems to be easy to loose focus when watching tv and letting it drop down to about 90. Has anyone got any input based on the information provided or any tempo type of workouts that I can do on the trainer that might help? Any suggestions would be appreciated