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    pulling a trailer

    I have found numerous calorie calculators that take into account weight, speed, time. I cannot find any information on calories burned pulling a trailer. Does anyone know a site that adds pulling weight to the variable? Or do you know how to calculate?

    Thanks for your help.

    btw i'm 5'5" 135lbs pulling 60lbs of kids and 10lbs or more gear in a cheapo trailer from meijer
    my husband is 6'1" 165 (pulling same)

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    You could add pulling weight to the combined rider and bike weight. It still wouldn't account for the substantial increase in air drag. Any calculation based on static parameters is going to be very approximate even without a trailer. Adding the trailer just increases the error.

    Maybe you could compare the time it takes to do a certain ride with and without the trailer. That would give you a factor for the increase in work required. Then use the calorie calculators for the non-trailer ride as a baseline.

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