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    Bike down for 2 weeks or so...

    Well, I crashed and FUBAR'd my rear wheel, chain and derailleur. Luckily I wasn't hurt, but there is about $200 in damage easily to my bike.

    The suck:
    I won't have free money until around July 15th, and I have my first triathalon Aug. 13, plus the Hotter Than Hell Aug. 27.
    The good:
    Obviously I will be able to replace them and still have about 4 weeks to spin up again,
    [q]The bad:[/quote]
    I will be taking about 2-3 weeks off the bike.
    The good:
    I have upped my run to 6 days a week on my schedule to compensate for this,
    The bad:
    I'm afraid I'm going to be screwed.

    I've busted my ass to get this far, I'm down to 199 lbs. and everything was going smooth, now this. My concern is that I'll DNF this simple sprint triathalon I've got as my primary goal.

    Do you guys think the running/swimming will help me continue in my training for the 2-3 weeks without the cycle?

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    DNF sounds like a gross exaggeration, certainly your biking skills will be off a few percent (not clear how long the bike part is, but 'sprint' sounds short) but continued heavy emphasis on running and usual on swimming should keep most of your conditioning together. If this is the type of tri event that you can draft in, I wouldn't obsess about it much at all. Depending on your age and prior conditioning the HTH
    (century ride?) should not be a problem either. If you aren't in century condition now you might be a bit peaked the last 20-30miles. If you are in century condition, you won't lose that much in 3wks for an event in late August. OTOH if you are a top 5 or 10 contender, where losing 2-3wks might conceivably make a difference, why don't you have a second bike? :-). (I, know the answer is implicit in your second quote). The good thing is you are out there training at the usual level despite a significant crash.
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