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    Seemed to have lost my climbing legs this year. My time trialing has improved, as I had been working on that as it was pretty poor, but now my climbing seemed to have suffered. I wouldn't mind focusing some time to get my climbing legs back.Any short steep climbs are fine, but longer drags and especially repeats and im struggling more than I used to (suppose its a bit of a pay off, being better on the flat now). My weight is not really an issue (well, maybe a couple of lbs) as im about same weight as last year, and not really carrying anything round my belly

    Wondering whats best way to focus on hills. Thought about focusing a month on hills as i have some pretty hilly races in end July/ start Aug. Better to focus on different hill intervals or have a hilly run and try and attack each hill hard, some hill sprints? Any suggestions would be great.


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    I do quite a bit of hill training. Most of my workouts consist of extended climbing at "tempo" pace, slightly below race pace, or a high level 3. I'll try to accumulate at least an hour at that pace.

    Then once a week, I'll do hill intervals. The most effective for me seems to be 3 or 5 minute intervals, with about 2 minutes rest.
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