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    Achilles tendon pain - causes? cure?

    Hi -- did a lot of hill biking this weekend, and also a small amount of running (5K). My achilles tendon started hurting and is tender to touch. What did I do???? Any suggestions?

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    What did you do? Micro-tears most likely.

    1. Lower your saddle a bit, especially when climbing hills
    2. Wear lifts in your shoes to shorten your achilles tendon when running
    3. Stay off the bicycle and off your feet for the next few days or week or so until the pain subsides
    4. Do not stretch, at this point that will only make it worse
    5. Elevate it and use ice to bring down the inflamation (10 minutes on, 10 minutes off ... don't freeze it!)
    5. See a sports dr or physiotherapist to confim all this

    Take care of it now. If you continue to ride and run with things as they are, you will only make it worse, and you could be off the bicycle for months. It took me about 6 months to heal, and I still wear ankle braces for hilly and/or long rides 3 years later.

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