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    Hi everyone!

    I am a "new" cyclist and am taking on the Heartland AIDS Ride this summer. 600 miles - 6 days. Yikes.

    I dont have a clue where to start with training and equipment! ARG! Would anyone offer to help me create a workout and diet plan for the next 4 months? I am really committed to this and could really use a hand.

    My email is
    my icq# is 13730025

    Thanks in advance, I can't WAIT to get training!!
    Curt Wagner

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    Curt, check out this website:

    Great info. on cycling performance tips.

    (Don't try, it doesn't bring you close enough.)

    Try not to overdo it in the beginning. If you overtrain, you may set yourself too far back in your training schedule to make the deadline. Be sure you can handle 100 mile days by that time. And since this is not a race, but a moral statement, don't push yourself too much. Be willing to drop out or rest if you still can't make the whole ride.
    Everyone will still think your effort magnificent.

    Go for it!


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    Be intense on the short, little time after work rides. Ride harder than you do on weekends. Don't forget to keep your pedal rpm high, "spinning is everything".
    Be sure to take a couple of rest days each week, a short easy ride on those days can do a lot of good. 15 to 20 or 30 min (just enough to "warm up"), level ground, soft pedal, a little higher rpm than other days. It'l blow the "junk " out of your system
    stretch after EVERY ride while you're still warm

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