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    Recovery food and drink questions

    Recently I had a great weekend with extreme physical exertion. The problem is that I was physically
    exhausted for several day afterwards. Most of the soreness faded within 24-48 hours but I had a
    difficult time completing my normal workout for about 5 days.

    I think I need some type of recovery food, but not sure what would work well.
    Also, I need suggestions for overall energy boosters, not just with workouts but with everyday
    life. What would help my overall focus, alertness and energy (no drugs please)

    Any suggestions?



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    Endourox works pretty well for recovery.

    You probably don't eat enough during your workouts. After the first hour I aim for 200calories and hour. An average sized man should aim for 300cal/hour.

    The fuzziness tends to be from eletrolyte depletion.

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