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    Baby needs back!

    Greetings guys,

    As usual I need advice on my training...

    So far, I've been riding about ~300/400 km a week - for 2 weeks ... depends on work/weather/woman...

    Anyways, I find that being in the drops too long hurts my lower back; heck, even after a long enough time.. it hurts on the flat bar... so... any suggestions?

    A group rider suggested I stretch my back out every so often during long rides to postpone any pain..
    That's been working, but I'd rather work out my back muscles and just not have to deal with this pest... it's a nagging pain... it takes away from enjoying the ride...

    Stability ball? Sit ups?

    Any advice is appreciated...


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    my $.02
    I read somewhere that lower back pain comes from how far your stretching.
    Is your handlebar to far away from your seat?
    It may be comfortable for a quick fitting ride but not for a long distance.
    good luck

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