Hi I just want to say thanks to all those out there that make this website what it is today. I have read countless posts that have helped me decide that I want to be part of the biker group again.

I have had a two and a half year layoff due to working two jobs. But prior to that I was starting to get top 10 finishes towards the end of 1998. I am a little tight on time now but not as much. I think I can spare about 8-10 hrs. a week to ride...but I hate riding in winter due to clothes...gear..etc. I was wondering can I get somewhat fit on riding a GOOD indoor fluid trainer. It mimics resistance of the outdoors almost exactly. PLEASE do not worry about "mental fatigue" I will only be doing this for another 3 weeks at most. But is it possible to gain endurance by riding a fluid trainer for 30mins to an hour. I have old tour tapes that I watch or listen to personal made CD's ...some John Tesh (tour de france CD's), some Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie....made it into a 50min workout CD....slow tempo...then fast....very good on intervals.

Can anyone give me some type of insight? I have only indoor miles this year on my trainer. I have a total of 350 miles or so for the year. I had a goal of getting in 1500miles this year. Remember I dont want to over do it. I figure 1500 miles is good for being off 3 years. Well tell me what you guys think. Thanks