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    Destroyed my old record

    So today I went out for a ride on a loop I do often and decided to work for a new personal record...I destroyed the record by 5.83 minutes, I was at the top of my climb 4 minutes 10 seconds faster and bombed down the downhill faster by the my questions

    This trail is very tough for me, I thought by riding it 5 times a week for about 5 weeks I was over training so I found another trail that is more rolling and not straight climbing for an hour...I never drop into the small chain ring, whereas on my trail today I am ALWAYS in gears 1-4 and never getting out of the small chain ring.

    I obvioulsy shattered my presonal record but I want to know why I beat it so badly.

    Was I overtraining riding a granny gear climb 5 days a week? I started alternating between a new trail that is easier since I thought I may be overtraining and was not seeing any progress.

    Did the new trail using the harder gears and mashing through make me stronger?

    DId the banana square I ate before my ride give me a turbo boost?

    I just dont understand why I couldnt make up even 30 seconds on my previous personal best (which was 3 weeks into my cycling program and now im on week 9) and then I ride a diff trail for a week and I come back and destroy my record I couldnt beat for 6 weeks now..

    I usually get passed by walkers and joggers on this I did the passing, except for some stud of a woman on a SS that smoked me..but I probable outweighed her and her bike 3 to 1.

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    Rest could have made a big difference, but there was probably a mental advantage to doing something different for awhile as well. I don't know a lot about cycling, but if somebody told me he'd been hitting deadlifts like a madman for weeks and getting nowhere, then added ten pounds to his last set after he took a week of concentrating on front squats or something instead, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

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