I was doing a training ride last weekend which was 85km's/52 miles long. I was nearly at the finish with about 5 k's left when I reached a long 2-lane bridge and had a sloooow cyclist in front of me. He was carrying fishing gear so I don't think he was on a training ride . To get around him and still be safe with traffic I was going to have to do a stand-up sprint which did not really appeal after a good 3 hours in the saddle. I just sucked it up anyway and made a break for it covering the next 40 meters standing and pedalling for all I was worth.

Here is the surprise part. After the sprint I felt a lot better! I wasn't as sore or stiff and I felt like I had just wound the clock back and hour. Having never done sprints late in a training or distance ride it amazed me. Is this something that I should have known earlier? I'm definitely planning on adding an occasional sprint now just to break things up.