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    I'm interested in getting a VR trainer for the winter. I have a big screen projector and regular trainers don't hold my interest for over an hour. I did some research and found good things being said about the Tacx i-Magic and Computrainer models. A couple questions:

    1. The Computrainer is 2x the price of the i-Magic. Worth it? How does the road feel compare, and does it have a brake like the i-Magic? Is the extra cost due more to the software or the hardware too?
    2. The Fortius is about to enter the US, and costs about $300 more than the i-Magic. Does anyone know what you get better than the i-Magic?
    3. Nashbar was selling this a couple months ago for around $500 with all the coupons when they were listing it for $609. Now it's back up to $699 Any idea where's the best deal I can get on one today?

    Thanks for all replies.
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