I guess this is as good a forum as any for this topic...

Has anyone developed tennis elbow or something similar from biking? It seems since I started riding again 3 weeks ago (I ride 6-7 days/evenings a week combo gravel paths & weekend single track) my elbows have become very sore and almost inflamed and "crack" alot. Right is ever so slightly sore, left is worse and I'm left handed.

I'm seeing the doc tomorrow as I fear it's golfer/tennis elbow or bursitis in my elbow, but wondered if I
possibly got it from the bike? Is it common among bikers? Is it bad riding position and possibly fixed with a change in stem/bars? Maybe I got it from years of golf and the riding position/jolting just aggrivated it?

BTW, I ride a mtn bike, not road if it makes any difference.