I was looking to purchase the Computrainer and noticed that they do not have the software for the Mac and have no plans of developing it in the future.

The Computrainer website had a note which said:
"CompuTrainer software does seem to run on Mac computers using Windows emulation software, however the big issue is that the serial communication protocol is quite different between IBM compatibles and Mac. and it would be a major expense on our part to overcome this difference."

Has anyone actually used the Computrainer with their Mac? I have Virtual PC (Win95) running on my Mac G3 Powerbook and would use this as my Windows emulation software. There should be no problem with processor speed, ram, etc. on my Mac meeting the minimum specs even with the "Virtual PC" running.

I wasn't sure if the second part of their statement refered to operating Computrainer with the Windows emulation software or in reference to explaining why they are not developing a Mac version of the software.

Thank you.

- Tim