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    Training after time off

    I am a chronic sinus infection sufferer who seems to have some kind of respiratory infection more often than not. About six weeks ago, I had a bad case of the flu which I finally shook, but the sinus inflammation/infection remains. I have only ridden maybe twice in the last six weeks and have been doing some LIGHT indoor crosstraining. Anyone ever taken this much time off the bike and what was it like when you finally resumed? Have I lost all my "bike fitness"?

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    I had to take five months off after a bike crash. I quickly regained "bike fitness" and I'm better than ever now. I did it right this time. I concentrated from the start on spinning, and gradually geared up while maintaining a fast cadence. It took a month to get good, and I continued to improve all summer.

    One difference is that I had upper body injuries, so I was able to maintain decent cardio endurance while off the bike. That made it easier to resume cycling, I think.

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