I am some what out of shape, ever since I stopped riding. I didn't really stop, but I don't enjoy it as much as I once did. However, I am getting back into it, and at the wrong time, Winter. I am mesomorph and I read that it's easier to build muscle mass with this body type, don't know if it's true or not. I am 15, turning 16 in March and am 5'5" and weigh roughly 190. I am stocky, so it shows. I am aiming to build up my stamina, strength and overall fitness.

I am wanting to start in January, and make my goal to be very fit and healthy by next year. I am thinking a two mile walk everyday and a four mile ride. I rode BMX, so I have a BMX. I am probably going to get a mountian bike on my birthday. So, that will help out alot with longer rides.

I don't know if that's to light of a starter workout for a month or two, after that I was thinking get into lifting and still ride and walk quite a bit but for longer distances and maybe start running or doing one mile sprints without stopping and then jogging back.

I'm open for suggestions, but I won't join a gym, and I don't know how well going to super-healthy diet would work for me.. Maybe a salads, grilled chicken, ect.. but. none of this over the top garbage, I still wanna live happily, lol.

Oh, I forgot to add. It dosen't get really cold here, not often below 35-40.