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    Developing Training Software


    Hi All

    I am currently thinking about developing some a new piece of Cycling specific training software.

    I am initially going to develop it to use Polar HRM files as a basis then expand from there.

    It isn't that I am particularly unsatisfied with the Polar Precision software, I just thought I'd use it as an exercise in software development as I am currently doing a Masters in IT.

    Anyway - The question I want to ask is:

    What features would you like to see in such a piece of Training Software?

    All answers will be appreciated and considered - If this grows enough, I may consider using it as the basis for my degree project! I will also keep you all posted on progress!

    Look forward to hearing from you all!!
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    Well, if you are asking for a wish list...

    Make the software web-based, that way you can upload your training data to a server (website) and have it logged, processed and displayed. It would be really nice for users to be able to compare their own training programs and performance with other users who have similar vitals and goals. Also, it is good to be able to enter the info in different ways such as uploads from instrumentation or simple web-forms.

    I am using the (flash) web-based training log on It is nice, but does not allow you to compare and share info with other users. I believe that some weight-loss targeted sites do that, but they are lacking in the training log department.

    Another cool thing about the nike training log is that you can add a goal-directed schedule to your "training calendar" (for example, complete a marathon in 3:30), that way you have clear goals to meet for every workout and you don't overdo it.

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    I had a full post but accidentally hit backspace when this form lost control, then lost it!@#@

    Well briefly:
    -Multiple users
    -Full profile for user (dont include any info that won't be useful later e.g. hair colour haha)..
    -Initial Profile:
    -Resting HR
    -Bodyfat %
    -Vo2 max
    -max HR
    -etc etc

    -Race times

    bla bla

    I think the most important thing to do, even if you keep functionality minimal in initial releases, is to keep the interface displaying all information in a useful fashion. Maybe consult with some physiological and training gurus and even give the software some instructional value??
    Also, again displaying information, display all info both numerically and graphically, in addition (what I assume many training software things dont do) is to graphically relate each piece of info with other info as they're all related in some way.

    -later revisions i suppose:
    -have the software set intermediate goals for you based on longer term ones...?

    I'd leave nutrition alone tho, maybe just a daily caloric intake expenditure thing anything more is just way too massive.

    I'm a Ba Comp Sci if you want any help... I'm assuming your not doing this FOR your masters, just a side proj?

    Post your SRS if you decide to do one... probs should...


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