So I went out biking last week ( it was icy), had a spike tire on the front, not on the back. I wiped out, going very slow around a corner. However, unclipping with my left foot (trying to balance) and my right foot staying with the bike, I end up doing a sort of splits type move, and fall on my rear end. In the process, my right leg, which was fully extended, popped. A muscle in the back of my leg, 3-4 inches above the back of my knee started to really burn. So, the other day, I noticed a really dark bruise in that spot and one below my knee, with a light bruise line connecting both. There really isnt much pain walking, or riding for that matter. But bending over or any type of stretching and it really burns! Has anyone had experience with this type of muscle injury, does it seem worse than just a muscle pull? Thanks.