I'm 22 I cycle a bit for fitness and fun nothing too serious but I do want to improve my figure and fitness. Somebody I know who is in a club and races at a younger level suggested I copy his training routine which I've been doing indoors on my exercise bike three nights a week. This is my main exercise and I get out and ride at the weekends if I can.

Anyway does the core of these work outs sound about right?

Day 1. After warm up, sprint up to Zone 5 (89%- 94%) then drop down to Zone 2 (65%- 75%) and hold for two minutes, and repeat this up and down for thirty minutes. Warm down.

Day. 2 Warm up. Hold Zone 3 (75- 82 %) for forty minutes. Warm down.

Day. 3 Warm up. Hold Zone 3 (75- 82) for two minutes, then Zone 4 (82- 89) for one minute and repeat this for thirty minutes. Warm down.

Does this sound like a good weekly routine?

I personally feel that it is working and I also feel that the HRM is a great way to train. I'd never have pushed myself so hard (and discovered I could do it) without a routine to follow.

I know rest days are important but is it ok to do different type of exercise on the off days? Like some light weight training or press- ups/ situps etc.?

Similarly if I decided to go out on the road some morning and do some cycling is it best to skip the training at night or put it off to the next day even if the road cycling was relatively light?

Thanks in advance