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    Using the Holy Grail: VO2 max

    I was recently tested to find my VO2 max and now have the results but I am uncertain as to how to translate this into information I can train with. I have the typical heart rate monitor and I am used to training with heart rate zones but now that I have this mystical information I am at a loss.

    Can anyone help me determine what I can do with this information and how I can apply it to maximize my training results?



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    In reality very little; it is more a measure of your potential. However, it wasn't a waste of time as you should now know your max HR and your LT from the plots made during the exam. Your lactate threshold (LT) is a number you can use in your training. It is much better to make training zones off a % of LT than a % of max HR. However, unlike training with max HR your zones can be over 100% (intervals).

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