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    Commute to work, seperate or together?

    Thanks a ton to WarrenG I've got a good looking annual plan layed out for the 2006 training season. For my base period I want to start doing some riding to work, it's a 20mile commute each way which is where the problem is. For the month of February I'm going to be riding about 4-6hrs/week, if I ride to and from work 3 days a week then I'm already at 6hrs of riding. However, since I'm technically only riding 20 miles then after 8 hours I'm riding another 20 miles (about 1hr each way), should I cut that in half training wise since I'm not doing all 2hrs+/- at once? In other words will I be pushing it if I get a ride in on the weekend as well?
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    From my own experience with using commuting as training, no. You wont be pushing it if you get a ride on the weekends. As long as you get recovery from the weekday commutes. I never commute on Mondays or Fridays. My commute is 22 miles one way. I'm pretty fresh for a 50 miler on saturday or sunday.

    If you do it right the splits wont hurt your revcovery. Make one split hard the other easy. And alternate them for max recovery. The way i do it is to have 2 recovery splits between a hard split. IE, 1st ride of the week is hard, the leg home is easy and the next days ride in is easy with the ride home being hard. Then repeat the cycle.
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